We have known Veronica Mitchell for more than 6 years. She began working for us in our vacation home in Beaver Creek, Colorado cleaning and overseeing our home there. She oversaw our move with in Beaver Creek, boxing and organizing the move in a very meticulous way.

Within a few years we bought a home in San Diego and again Veronica was our caretaker. She took care of all of our needs before arriving in San Diego. Our refrigerator was well stocked with items we love and the condo was always clean and welcoming upon our arrival. She also check on the condo frequently when were not around.

We sold our condo a few years ago and Veronica again meticulously oversaw the move. All of our precious art and family mementos arrived in Colorado without a scratch. The new owners moved into a clean and newly painted condo because of Veronica's eye for detail and organization.

We highly recommend Veronica and Laura Ann's Helping Hands. .

Liz & Tony Moores
San Diego, CA



Dear Laura Ann's:
I've wanted to write this letter of thanks to your organization for all of the assistance you have provided to me over the years. I cannot tell you the peace of mind I have when I know that I'm being escorted to my doctor appointments by you. I trust that I will arrive on time and will have someone to assist me through the appointment to ensure I get what I need and to take me home safely. I've used other services and not one of them provides such compassionate, professional and nice personnel as your company. Being able to call you to take me to lunch with friends or to shop all day is another way I've come to rely on Laura Ann's. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my home.

Johanna Gonzalez
Point Loma, CA



Laura Ann took care of my father during the last two years of his life.  At 89 years of age he was cantankerous and with him living in California and the rest of the family in Alaska, seeing that he was properly cared for was difficult even though he lived in a private room in  a nursing home.

I don't remember how we found Laura Ann but when we did both our and my father's lives changed dramatically for the better.

Laura Ann visited my dad once or twice a week at first and took him out to lunch or dinner (anything to get a change from the institutional-type food at the nursing home), helped him shop for incidentals, and took him to the barber.

After he lost the card that he used to take money out of his savings account I arranged to send Laura Ann monthly amounts of cash that she administered for my dad.  Laura Ann was completely trustworthy and this arrangement stopped the minor thefts of cash that had occurred at the nursing home.

As time went on Laura Ann  became very important to my dad and he looked forward to his visits which sometimes consisted of nothing more than Laura Ann's chatting with my dad in his room.  I made it down to San Diego from Alaska as much as possible and met Laura Ann on several  instances.  She was bright, fun to be around, and efficient.

As my dad became weaker Laura's visits consisted increasingly of taking him to appointments with his doctors.  When his health failed she visited him in the hospital and finally in the hospice facility.  At the end of his life I came to San Diego for ten days but had to return before my dad died.  Laura Ann was with him daily until the end of his life, holding his hand and talking to him.  By then she had become as close to being a family member as one could imagine.

In a perfect world I would have been with my father daily during the last years of his life, but since I couldn't I thank God that I had Laura Ann to serve as a loving and trusted surrogate.

Steve J.
Anchorage, Alaska


I have wanted to write to you for some time now.  I am so grateful that my friend recommended  your services.  Over the years it has been nice to utilize your services for planning my parties and for helping me shop and especially for taking me to my doctor appointments.  I did not realize at first all that your company offered. 

It has been so nice and comfortable dealing with a company that is caring and yet able to maintain a professional attitude and takes care of business.  It is important to me that I have a company that I can trust to help me with whatever need arises.


Best wishes,

Ron Serrano    
Kensington, San Diego, CA


I am writing to let you know how much I apprecate your service.  You have been assisting my mother with her trips to her doctors for several years.  My mother is in her 90’s and has seriuos dementia including spells of paranoia.  Laura Ann has shown great patience and compassion in her dealings with my mother, whois very strong-willed and can become very stubborn and obstinate. 

Laura Ann has managed to gain my mother’s trust – a large accomplishment in itself and escorts my mohter with a calm smoothness that belies how difficult this can be. 

Our closest family member to Mom lives over three hours away, and there is no way Mom could have stayed where she wanted in the San Diego area without Laura Ann.  We all felt compeltely comfortable having Laura Ann escort our mother to her appointments. 

Again, thanks.

Carl Poschman


Laura Ann's Helping Hands Inc BBB Business Review